Herlianto and His Vision for Farmers in Tumbang Manggu

Get to know our smallholder farmer, Herlianto! In a short video introduction, he gives an insight into his work and his vision.

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Always striving to be better: Challenges in Borneo and Changes to our Approach

Only through transparent communication on all levels can quality projects be implemented. With this in mind, we would like to share with you some current challenges in Borneo and changes to our approach. Our great management team with diverse backgrounds and perspectives will tackle them in a goal-oriented way. Always with transparency as our top priority in mind!

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How tree planting improved the life of primary school teacher Posiano

Byamukama Posiano's life took an unexpected turn when Nyamyezi Central Forest Reserve (CFR) partnered with Fairventures Worldwide. It enabled him to increase his earnings in a way that he is not just able to continue teaching but also improve his skills by doing a bachelor degree in Education.

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Lightwood Roadshow: Educating communities about environmental impact

Our Lightwood Roadshow aimed to raise awareness about the importance of environmental conservation through reforestation and responsible timber value chains. Including the community was a big success.

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Exciting Quiz Night at our Timber Innovation Center

The Timber Innovation Center buzzed with anticipation and excitement as we organized our first quiz night in collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

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Youth Program: Agents of Change in the Making

We have recognized the importance of the role of children as agents of change to combat climate change. Therefore we decided to foster young people’s positive relationship to the environment through “Youth Program”.

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Media in Uganda and East Africa report about our Timber Innovation Center in Kampala

The launch of our Timber Innovation Center in the heart of Uganda, directly in the center of the capital Kampala, generated a lot of attention from Ugandan media.

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Building a sustainable future: The Opening of Uganda’s first Timber Innovation Centre on World Environment Day

On World Environment Day, we opened our Timber Innovation Center in the heart of Kampala. The launch event welcomed numerous stakeholders, including his Excellency, the German ambassador Matthias Schauer, Wolfgang Baum, CEO of Fairventures Worldwide and Patience Namara, Country Director of Fairventures Worldwide in Uganda.

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Kakaobauern in Sulawesi

Learning from the Best: Study Tour to Visit Cocoa Farmers in Sulawesi

Smallholder farmers from Barito Timur and Gunung Mas visited Sulawesi to learn more about cocoa cultivation from local experts. Sulawesi is known around the world for producing high quality cocoa beans.

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Presenting Fairventures

Technical, social & environmental potential – Showcasing lightwood at the „Hannover Fair“

In April we had the opportunity to present our „SuMatHrA“ light wood project at the booth of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK) at the Hannover fair.

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Beneficial Exchange from Uganda to Indonesia: From Work Implementations to Team Bonding

A team of seven people from Uganda travelled to Indonesia on a study trip to learn and share information about Indonesia's reforestation model and how it could be replicated in Uganda.

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From Seed to Seedling in Uganda

From seed to seedling – Nursery management at the Kasese Youth Polytechnic Nursery in Uganda

In 2019, we have partnered with the Kasese Youth Polytechnic School and constructed the KYP nursery. Since then, it has served as a hub for the propagation and nurturing of a diverse range of tree species.

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Sengon seedling at our new nursery!

100 Million Trees: New Nurseries in Indonesia!

Each planting season, we provide smallholder farmers with thousands of tree seedlings completely free of charge. Recently, our team in Indonesia has established two new nurseries. This puts them on track to achieve their goal of providing over 100,000 seedlings to more than 200 farmers in the months of March and April.

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IKI Logo

Successful reforestation in Borneo: IKI publishes new page about joint project

The International Climate Initiative (IKI) has published a new overview page on their website. There, all information about our joint project and its impact are summarized and prepared.

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Agroforestry with Bees & Urban Farming – Testing new approaches of sustainable agriculture

We work with our partners Latek Stay Alliance, and Eco-Agric Uganda on an agroforestry project in the Hoima, Kikuube and Kibaale districts.

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Members Of The German Parliament Visit Our Project in Central Kalimantan!

In October, six members of the German parliament visited our project sites in Gunung Mas, giving us the opportunity to present the results of the continuous efforts made by the German government in recent years.

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Das Fairventures-Team bei der COP27 in Ägypten

We participated in the Climate Change Conference (COP 27) in Egypt

The 27th UN Climate Change Conference took place in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt in November. Some members of the Fairventures family also attended. This was their experience.

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Herpit stands happily in his sengon forest

Smallholder Herpit Built His House In The Sengon Garden

Far from supermarkets or malls, and far from the traffic and hustle and bustle of the city, Herpit, an Indonesian smallholder, lives with his wife in the middle of their plot of Sengon trees.

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New carbon project: Fairventures and STIHL expand existing partnership.

STIHL has been supporting our work with financial resources, equipment and know-how since 2017. This year, we are pleased to announce the largest joint project so far.

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Members of German parliament, Indonesian Government representatives, Fairventures staff and the company who built the modular house.

Opening Of Our Light Wood Modular House: A Sustainable Housing Solution For The Future

On October 30, 2022, our Indonesian colleagues inaugurated the first light wood modular house in Central Kalimantan. Several members of the German parliament joined our team for the grand opening. The completion of this pilot project marks a milestone in our efforts to ecologically transform the Indonesian construction sector.

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Fairventures Signs MOU With IPB University

New Scientific Partnership: Fairventures signs MOU with IPB University

We have signed an MOU with IPB University, advancing the process of community development by conducting research and projects for educational purposes.

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Trees4Trees Logo

Trees4Trees: Comparative Study With Fairventures Worldwide

A few weeks ago, our team in Indonesia visited the reforestation organization Trees4Trees in Pati in Central Java. The aim of the trip was to conduct a comparative study and to promote exchange between the members of our organizations.

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Ntajumba Bernard aka Ben Beauty

How Ntajumba Bernard Uses Music To Make His Voice Heard

Ntajumba Bernard, aka Ben Beauty, is truly one of a kind. To raise awareness for climate change, he is making use of his voice in a truly extraordinary way.

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Uganda After The Floods: New Optimism

Uganda After The Flooding: Starting Over With Optimism

End of July, heavy rainfall in the Eastern region of Uganda has caused floods, river overflow and landslides, resulting in casualties and heavy damage. Today, new nurseries and the local communities' efforts make for new optimism.

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