Connection through collaboration: socialization with farmers in Batu Nyapau

26. February 2024|In Indonesia, News

Facing each other and engaging in discussions are effective ways to reach collaborative solutions. We regularly discuss with farmers, sharing thoughts about the imporance of trees and how our agroforestry model can achieve positive impact. Through this activity and others, we empower the local communities for their reforestation journey.

Our latest socialization event took place in Batu Nyapau Village, Gunung Mas Regency, Indonesia.It was our first time holding this event there. What made it interesting was that the initiative stemmed from the curiosity of the Batu Nyapau Village community about our tree planting program. We were delighted with their eagerness, indicating that the community is becoming aware of the fact that our forests are beginning to fade and disappear.

Mrs. Mariahwati and Mr. Salundik are farmers who decided to join our reforestation journey. 

“This program makes me happy because I know it has positive impacts on us and future generations. We also gained knowledge on how to plant trees and became capable of revitalizing the vacant land we have. It not only benefits us economically, but also raises awareness about our environmental situation. I hope our forests continue to be the lungs for our planet, both now and in the future.” – Mariahwati

“This program greatly helps us, the local community, to become capable of utilizing what we have. It starts with planting the seeds. The information provided during the socialization is very clear and easily understood. I hope we can plant many trees so that our land does not become barren. Let’s use our natural resources from the forest wisely and not excessively.” – Salundik 

These positive responses add to our motivation to continue our informative socialization events We are very grateful for the participation of the farmers who are so enthusiastic about joining our journey. It is not only us who believe that collaborative action can generate solution-oriented outcomes, but also the farmers who eagerly embrace change for the green generation in the future.