Advent Calendar ‘24 Good Deeds’ enabled new collaborations in Uganda

15. November 2023|In News, Uganda

24 Good Deeds is a non-profit initiative that donates money to 24 different NGO’s, including us at Fairventures Worldwide, through selling their advent calendar in the Pre-Christmas-Period. With the support and money from 24 Good Deeds, we were able to collaborate with the Uganda Scouts Association to manage the Kaazi Community Nursery. The goal is to reforest the National Scouts Grounds located in Kampala District and empower nearby communities by distributing free fruit and tree seedlings.

Samuel Baluku, one of our dedicated Farmer Training Facilitators, emphasizes the impact of the Kaazi community nursery. The nursery operators spare no effort in selecting top-quality seeds and maintaining ideal conditions for the seedlings’ growth. Through careful pre-treatment, these seeds are nurtured into thriving seedlings.

“Our impact has been remarkable. We have played a pivotal role in local reforestation efforts, consistently producing an average of 30,000 seedlings per season. Across three seasons, our combined endeavours have resulted in an impressive total of 97,310 indigenous seedlings and fruit tree seedlings. This accomplishment not only benefits our neighbouring farmers but also lends a helping hand to sister nurseries facing their unique production hurdles,” Samuel proudly reconfirms.

In these three dedicated seasons, over 25 farmers from surrounding communities have reaped the rewards of receiving and planting tree seedlings.

“The impact we’ve witnessed has been truly inspiring. Over the course of three seasons, more than 25 farmers in our neighbouring communities have experienced the benefits of these tree seedlings, showcasing the substantial influence of Kaazi Community Nursery and Fairventures Worldwide. We’ve also actively participated in prominent mass planting events, including the International Day of Forests in 2022 and 2023, further underlining the meaningful contributions we continue to make,” Samuel shares with enthusiasm.

However, the commitment goes beyond seedling production. Fairventures Worldwide is actively empowering farmers through hands-on field training sessions. These interactive sessions create a platform for the exchange of ideas and knowledge, offering farmers valuable insights into the benefits of tree planting and sustainable agricultural practices.

The partnership between Fairventures Worldwide and Uganda Scouts Association with the support from 24 Good Deeds is another beacon of hope for environmental conservation and community development in Uganda. 

We are once again represented in this year’s 24 Good Deeds calendar. In 2023, our cocoa farmers in Indonesia will be supported by the Advent calendar enabling additional training in cocoa cultivation. We are grateful for how many people choose to use the tradition of the Advent calendar in a meaningful way for us and our environment.