Growing Hope: Muhindo Evelyne’s Journey

28. September 2023|In News, Stories, Uganda

Meet Muhindo Evelyne, a resilient soul from Kasese district who has been through a remarkable transformation. Not so long ago, she was struggling to make a living: “Before, I had little knowledge of farming and my life was turbulent,” Muhindo explains. Today, she is a shining example of what determination and the right support can do.

Her story took a positive turn after she participated in the Fairventures programme. With her newfound knowledge there, Muhindo decided to plant intercrops: “I have hope that the agroforestry skills I learned at Fairventures will improve my current situation.” Her decision to plant 2000 trees she received from Fairventures Worldwide, along with beans, shows not only her commitment to sustainable agriculture, but also her vision for a better future.

Muhindos story is proof that with determination, education and support, hope can blossom even in tough conditions.