Patience Naamara’s Journey in Leading Climate Action Through Forestry

2. April 2024|In News, Stories, Uganda

Meet Patience Naamara, the Country Director of Fairventures Worldwide in Uganda, who serves as an inspiration in sustainable forestry solutions against climate change.

Patience’s journey into natural resource management wasn’t just a career choice; it was a calling deeply rooted in her childhood in the countryside. Despite her parents’ hopes for a career in law, Patience followed her heart, choosing a path that would shape her into a visionary leader in climate action.

“My best childhood memories are from my time in the countryside. I have great memories of climbing fruit trees, grazing cattle, and fetching firewood. So when it came to choosing a career line, it was only natural that I chose natural resource management as opposed to the law profession my parents had hoped for,” Patience shared.

Her journey wasn’t without its challenges. Balancing the demands of a young family with the challenges of her career proved to be tough. Yet, driven by her passion and supported by mentors who recognized her potential, Patience persevered, defying expectations and paving the way for others to follow.

“My journey in this field has been a long one, starting as an intern at NEMA (National Environment Management Authority) immediately after university and going through several employers. Having a young family at the beginning of my career did not make it easy and keeping a job was very difficult despite my zeal and determination. I was however lucky that some of my bosses saw my potential and supported me to develop it and as we say, the rest is history,” Patience explained.

At Fairventures Worldwide, Patience’s leadership model is grounded in inclusivity and empowerment. 

“My leadership model at Fairventures Worldwide is straightforward. I have used my journey to ensure that no one is left behind and I maintain an open door policy; I listen to everyone on my team and try as much as I can to provide a conducive environment and opportunities that support their growth both as individuals and as professionals,” she stated.

Through Fairventures Worldwide’s innovative approach, which combines forestry with modern technologies, Patienceand her team are reshaping environmental conservation. Collaborating with small farmers in Uganda, they’re transforming degraded areas into sustainable forests, offering a source of timber and food while safeguarding biodiversity and mitigating climate change impacts.

But for Patience, the journey is far from over. She envisions a future where women lead the charge in climate action, aiming for a more sustainable and equitable world.

“Women in Uganda interact more closely with the environment and as such, are most affected by the effects of climate change. For climate justice to be meaningful, interventions should factor in solutions that directly benefit women and by extension, the families that they fend for”, she emphasized.