Your Contribution Against the Climate Crisis!

We are living in pivotal times. We can still take action against the climate crisis, ensuring that our planet remains a place worth living for future generations. Your donation for reforestation is a sustainable investment in the future and an effective contribution against the climate crisis! 

Undecided about a single donation or a monthly one? We are incredibly grateful for any form of support. However, with a regular donation, you allow us to plan for the long term. 

How much CO is stored through your tree donation?

With just one euro per day, you can plant the trees required to absorb the amount of CO₂ that you emit on a daily basis. This means that a donation of €396 per year (or €33 per month) creates your own small patch of forest in the tropics. Want to learn more about the amount of CO₂ your donation can store in planted trees? Our interactive CO₂ overview below provides you with further insights:

Your donation of ...

... amounts to:**

Your Donation Matters!

If you choose the donation purpose “Where it is needed most”, your donation can be used for all activities that make our work possible. This gives us the flexibility to respond quickly to specific needs or to implement special projects, such as the construction and operation of our Timber Innovation Center in Uganda.

If you decide to donate trees in Uganda or Indonesia, for every €5 you donate, a tree will be planted and raised for you. Each tree is a gift to a smallholder farmer and their family in the tropics. The graphic shows for which activities your donation will be used in this case to achieve a sustainable impact.

Gift Trees!

Plant a tree today for someone you care about and receive a personalized gift certificate.

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Any questions?

Will I receive a receipt for my donation? Find the answers to your questions on our FAQ page.



Transparent and responsible action is one of the key principles of Fairventures. 



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* Based on the average CO₂ footprint of a person in Germany and the average value of 150 kg of stored CO₂ per planted tree over a lifetime of 10 years.

** Overview is based on the following research findings regarding CO₂ storage in Sengon trees: A tree stores 150 kg CO₂ (after 10 years (15 kg per year)); density = 280 kg/m^3; soil type = Cambisol (on degraded area for reforestation, long-term average figure).