Successful closing event of our first Cocoa Project – with the support of the Deputy Governor of Central Kalimantan Province

7. March 2024|In Indonesia, Media

Last week our first cocoa project in Central Kalimantan ended with a very successful workshop event offering promising future possibilities for upcoming cocoa projects. The workshop with the title “The Potential Development of Cocoa Industry and Cultivation in Central Kalimantan”, was organised together with the Plantation Agency of Central Kalimantan, the province we are working in. The event was a big success, which was fully supported by the Deputy Governor of Central Kalimantan Province.

The aim of the event has been to encourage academics, local government officials, farmers, and NGOs in Central Kalimantan to collaborate in developing the potential of the cocoa industry as a primary commodity in the region. The participants were discussing challenges and opportunities along the way. Additionally, farmers were encouraged to also participate in discussions regarding the development of the cocoa industry and to express their hopes and needs as cocoa farmers.

As a result of the discussion, the Central Kalimantan Government voiced strong support for cocoa. The participating academics are planing to conduct research on cocoa and agroforestry models in Central Kalimantan. Several attending NGOs are offering programs that can support cocoa development, aligning with their focus on the environment and local community empowerment. All of the participants emphasised that not only the economic potential, but also the environmental impact has to be considered. The Central Kalimantan Government highlighted potential government contributions, such as government land and regulations to support cocoa cultivation.

The outcome of this event shows us that we are not alone in seeing cocoa as a pillar of economic success and sustainable landuse in Central Kalimantan. We are looking forward to continue our work with farmers, with the support from the local government and other institutions. We also hope that last week’s event can serve as motivation for farmers, emphasizing that they are integral to the success of the program, s more farmers in Central Kalimantan have the opportunity to participate and generate sustainable sources of income.