Transparent and responsible action is one of the principles of our work. Our employees are committed to guidelines and standards to ensure that the funds entrusted to us are handled conscientiously. In this way, we want to offer partners and supporters the highest degree of transparency and live up to their trust in us and our work.

We were officially awarded the PHINEO impact seal. The seal of impact for climate protection was given to us for our ‘100 Million Trees’ reforestation project in Indonesia. As a non-profit platform, PHINEO uses scientific methods to evaluate the objective impact of charitable projects and honours them with the seal of approval. We were selected from over 101 applicants alongside 14 others, such as the NABU Foundation National Natural Heritage, ForTomorrow and the Siemens Foundation. “The PHINEO Impact Seal means a lot to us. Because even though we know internally about our impact, it is all the more important that potential donors can objectively ensure that their money is being used effectively to make a difference,” says Wolfgang Baum, CEO of Fairventures Worldwide in Stuttgart.

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As a member of the Transparent Civil Society Initiative, Fairventures Worldwide is committed to communicating information about the organization publicly and transparently. This includes, among other things, the articles of association, the use and origin of funds, and information about our personnel structure.

1. Name, Registered Office, Address and Year of Foundation

Fairventures Worldwide (FVW) – gGmbH

Hasenbergstraße 31, 70178 Stuttgart, Deutschland

Founded in 2005 as „Swiss Contact Germany gGmbH,“ renamed and shares transferred in 2013.

2. Company Charter and Information on the Organizational Goals

Company Charter (German)

About Us

3. Information on Tax Benefits

Name of the responsible tax office: Finanzkasse Stuttgart IV

Date of the notice: 09.02.2024

Type of notice: Notice of exemption (German)

Tax number: 99124/02571

4. Name and Function of Key Decision Makers

Portrait Wolfgang Baum

Wolfgang Baum

Executive Director

Portrait Megan King

Megan King

Executive Director

Portrait Patience Naamara

Patience Naamara

Country Director Uganda

Portrait Rainer Henke

Rainer Henke

Fundraising Manager

Portrait James Thembo

James Thembo

Field Operations Manager

Fadhillah Hanum

Administration Manager Indonesia


Country Director Indonesia

Ulrike Guse

Finance Director

6. Personell Structure



Full-time employees: 43

Interns / working students: 1

Total: 44



Full time employees:  35

Total: 35



Full-time employees: 4

Part-time employees: 8

Working Students: 1

Total: 13


(December 2023)

7. & 8. Financial Overview: Information on Funding and Resource Allocation

9. Ties with Third Parties

Fairventures Worldwide holds shares in two companies:

  • Fairventures Enterprise GmbH (15%)
  • Fairventures Digital GmbH (20 %)

10. Names of supporters whose annual payments represent more than 10% of the total annual budget

Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development

Brot für die Welt Evangelisches Werk für Diakonie und Entwicklung e.V.



External Auditing

Keicher Keicher_Logo

An independent auditor checks that the funds of Fairventures Worldwide are used in accordance with the company charter.


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Code of Conduct

In our Code of Conduct, we describe the values and standards of our actions, both internally and in dealing with partners.

Code of Conduct

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As a member of VENRO (Association of German Development and Humanitarian Aid Non-Governmental Organisations), the guidelines and standards of the VENRO Codes apply to our business:

VENRO Code of Conduct Transparency, organisational management and monitoring

VENRO Code of Conduct for Development-Related Public Relations

Our Web Map

On our web map you can see the progress of our projects, including the number and growth of trees planted.

Web Map

Data Policy

Your private data is safe with us. The collection and processing of data is for internal purposes only.

Data Policy


Will I receive a donation receipt? How many seedlings have already been distributed? You can find answers to your questions in our FAQ.