What We Do

We are convinced that reforestation means more than just planting trees. Our approach strives for an ecologically, socially and also economically sustainable solution that benefits everyone.

The Challenges

Our Approach

1. Build Relationships

Smallholder farmers in the tropics are at the center of our work. They are indispensable for sustainable rainforest conservation. We build long-term relationships with the local communities and identify the individual needs of the people in order to help them in the best possible way through our joint activities. 

Portrait Smallholder Farmer in Uganda
Famer Field School in the forest

2. Empower Farmers

In so-called Farmer Field Schools, the experiences and knowledge of smallholder farmers are supplemented with knowledge from expert foresters. In the courses, participants learn basic concepts and techniques of agroforestry and apply them in workshops in the field.

3. Distribute Seedlings

Every year, our nurseries and those of our partners’ raise hundreds of thousands of seedlings that are distributed to smallholder farmers free of charge for the planting season. In order to provide the participants of the programs with the appropriate seedlings for the conditions in their fields, we establish our own test fields to expand our knowledge year after year.

the seedlings are watered in nursery in indonesia
Design Timber-Innovation-Center

4. Establish Responsible Value Chains

An important part of our holistic approach is the development of sustainable value chains. We link smallholder farmers with the wood processing industry to provide a sustainable source of income to them. We also explore new uses for the planted lightwoods. For instance, we aim to introduce them in the construction sector, where they can replace emission-intensive materials such as concrete.

5. Monitor Impact

Transparent and responsible action is one of the guiding principles of our work. That’s why we developed TREEO – an app that makes it easy for smallholder farmers to independently collect data from their fields. TREEO allows us to track the growth of trees and record the CO2 stored as biomass. With the help of the data, we can continuously optimize our activities and provide advice and support that is tailored to smallholders.

A close up of a farmer using the Treeo App and card to take a photo of a tree stem after which the App calculates the diameter of the tree at breast height

Desired Outcomes

Logo Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals are at the core of the United Nation’s political agenda. They are intended to ensure sustainable development worldwide on an economic, social and ecological level. In our reforestation projects, we combine these three aspects in a holistic approach.

Newest Annual Report

Read our annual report to find out what we have achieved together for the environment, climate and people in Indonesia and Uganda.

Annual Report

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Working closely with many great partners around the world makes us more impactful and drives change.

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Good Forests as Climate Solutions: We combine forestry and modern technologies to reforest degraded land in the tropics.

About Us

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