PHINEO Impact Seal: Our impact on climate protection has been awarded

7. November 2023|In Indonesia, Media, News

On 6 November 2023, we were officially awarded the PHINEO impact seal in Berlin. The seal of impact for climate protection was given to us for our ‘100 Million Trees’ reforestation project in Indonesia. As a non-profit platform, PHINEO uses scientific methods to evaluate the objective impact of charitable projects and honours them with the seal of approval. We were selected from over 101 applicants alongside 14 others, such as the NABU Foundation National Natural Heritage, ForTomorrow and the Siemens Foundation.

“The PHINEO Impact Seal means a lot to us. Because even though we know internally about our impact, it is all the more important that potential donors can objectively ensure that their money is being used effectively to make a difference,” says Wolfgang Baum, CEO of Fairventures Worldwide in Stuttgart.

We are proud that, despite all the challenges we face time and time again in our work, our projects have a proven impact. We will continue to work on this in the future and maximise our impact in the best possible way. There is now an official profile of us on the PHINEO website, as well as the 14 other non-profit organizations that have received awards.

These include: “NABU Stiftung Nationales Naturerbe” “ForTomorrow”, “Deutsche Schreberjugend Bundesverband”, “co2online gGmbH”, Deutscher “Verband für Landschaftspflege e.V.”, “Heckenretter e.V.”, “Wilderness International”, “Together For Future”, “FC Internationale Berlin”, “Siemens Stiftung”, “Stiftung Bildung”, “Germanwatch e.V”. and “KLUG – Deutsche Allianz Klimawandel und Gesundheit”.

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What exactly is the “100 Million Trees” project all about?
Click here for the project video, which gives a vivid insight into the problem and our contribution to the solution:

Who or what is PHINEO?
PHINEO is a non-profit corporation based in Berlin that carries out independent impact analyses of non-profit organisations and awards the PHINEO Impact Seal. With the help of the analyses, PHINEO identifies non-profit projects that are committed to solving a social or climate problem in an outstanding way and that have a proven high impact potential. 

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