The Carbon Clock shows how long it will take for the global average temperature to rise by 1.5 °C compared to the pre-industrial era at the current CO₂ emission rate. In the event that we fail to meet this target, the risk of triggering tipping elements in the Earth’s climate system as well as uncontrollable chain reactions increases significantly.    

Carbon Clock

We are running out of time!

The future is in our hands!

Atmospheric CO₂ can be stored in trees. Every tree planted helps us to slow down the clock.

The clock is ticking. Take action now!

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Holistic Approach  Maximum Impact!

We are convinced that reforestation means more than just planting trees. Our approach strives for an ecologically, socially and also economically sustainable solution that benefits everyone.

Woman looks at a young Sengon tree

Effective Climate Action

CO2-Sequestration on 3 Levels

Each tree planted stores carbon. At some stage, its timber will be used in construction whilst still retaining the stored carbon; more trees can grow in its place in the meantime. Furthermore, this will reduce greenhouse gas emissions as steel and concrete are being replaced.

Sustainable Income

Empowered Smallholder Farmers

We work hand-in-hand with hundreds of smallholder farmers in the tropics, equipping them with free tree seedlings and education. Planting trees and intercrops (agroforestry) provides them and their families with sustainable incomes.

Woman in Uganda holding seedling

Maximum Transparency

Reliable Data About Every Single Tree

In the future, smallholder farmers can scan the planted trees at regular intervals using our TREEO app. This will enable us to track exactly where the trees are located and how they are developing. On our web map, the data is publicly available for everyone to see.

Our Impact

Seedling growing in the ground


distributed tree seedlings

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supported smallholder farmers

Graphic forest


hectares of reforested area

This data includes our work and that of our sister company, Fairventures Social Forestry.

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Newspapers report about Climate Stories

Two local newspapers, the “Ipf- & Jagst-Zeitung” and the “Schwäbische Post” wrote about our "Climate Stories" project at the high school “Hariolf-Gymnasium”.

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Farmer Training Facilitator Edith Muhindo about the reforestation projects in Kasese, Uganda

Edith Muhindo supports farmers to reforest degraded areas. Edith has been a Farmer Training Facilitator (FTF) at Fairventures Worldwide for four years now and is at the forefront of our activities.

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From field to market: training harvesting techniques and strategies with farmers in Indonesia

We believe that the well-being of the planet and the local population go hand in hand. With this in mind, we have specifically trained smallholder farmers in harvesting techniques for the Sengon trees they have planted.

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Our VR Video

Virtual Trip to the Rainforest of Borneo

Join Monalisa on a 360° walk through our project area.

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