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The challenge

50 soccer fields every minute – in this speed we lose the global forests. One of the most valuable ecosystems on earth is destroyed in incredible rates.

Modern developments, such as globalization, have significantly altered the drivers of deforestation in the past decades. The harvest of tropical timber for the global market or deforestation by small-holder farmers are minor factors nowadays. In fact, commercial agriculture and plantation economy is responsible for about 70% of deforestation.

This very intensive agriculture predominantly grows soy and oil palm. But also cattle ranching, deforestation for fire wood, forest plantations for pulp and paper and mining are strong deforestation drivers. Fairventures wants to halt this threatening development.

Our solution

We implement large-scale reforestation projects in the tropics. To do this, we form partnerships with local communities to develop and test adequate local solutions. These solutions range from reforestation with fast-growing tree species to the production of sustainable timber and integrated agroforestry. In this way, we create new income opportunities for local people.
Our approach is demand-oriented: together with the private sector, we plan reforestations in such a way that they produce economically attractive raw materials. Our projects and products offer added value along the entire value chain and at the same time counteract the climate crisis.


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Follow our progress

Discover the 100 Million Trees program visiting our interactive map and follow our progress!

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In the past 5 years we have managed to plant almost a million trees in Borneo. Now we want to expand our idea and plant 100 million trees. In addition to this we have started reforestation in Uganda.

To achieve our goals, generate income for local communities and protect our environment and climate, 
we need your help.

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