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Expertise along the value chain

The value chain of timber/wood offers countless opportunities for farmers and family corporations to generate income and simultaneously to make a positive impact on the environment. So far the added value has been going to large concessionaires and capital companies in processing, the consequence is the total destruction of the rainforests.
How can we transform the value chain? The trade and the consumer are aware of their responsibility and only demand “clean” wood. The farmers in the buffer zones to the rainforest use the degraded lands and cultivate fast-growing mixed forests to accommodate demand. Other destructive land use forms are not necessary anymore.

Intergenerational Economic Activities

Human economic activity was always linked to an intervention in the environment. However, since the 70s we are taking more from the Earth than she can reproduce. Our following generations we leave debts, a destroyed environment and extreme inequality between humans. Particularly the poor are suffering.

We believe that an economy which provides a future for our children and grandchildren is possible.

According to our mission we foster economic, social and ecological sustainabilty within and between generations. That approach is part of our non-profit projects, our services and our learning opportunities offered by the Fairventures Academy.

Our thematic focus is a sustainable creation of the entire value chain of tropical forests and tropical wood.

Since 2005 we develop and implement projects in close cooperation with our partners in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe that are locally-owned from the very beginning. People are always the center of our work. By helping people to help themselves we support their ideas and strengthen their entrepreneurial spirit. Only in cooperation we can change the circumstances in the project areas to the better and help to not delegate today’s problems to coming generations.


Our Charter

FVW Satzung
FVW Satzung
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We are a non-profit project and consulting organization based in Stuttgart, yet our historical roots lay in Switzerland. As a former subsidiary of the non-profit Swisscontact Foundation in Zurich, which was founded in 1959 by the Swiss private sector, our operations in Germany date back to the year 2005. At the beginning of 2013, the staff, management and volunteers took over the company shares from the Swisscontact Foundation. Since then Fairventures Worldwide is operating as an independent organization.

Besides the historic link to Switzerland there exists a strong personal bond to Indonesia, particularly to the people of Borneo. Our Managing Director Johannes Schwegler has lived there for 5 years and has taught at the technical wood college in Mandomai. As a consequence, today we can build on a strong relationship that has been growing for almost 20 years with the people of Central Kalimantan.

In Action for a Sustainable Tropical Timber Industry

Team: That’s Us


We are a young, dynamic and highly motivated team with different professional and academic backgrounds. As cosmopolitan and sociable individuals, the personal contact with our partners is of crucial importance and enriching at the same time. We think along entrepreneurial lines, work in an interdisciplinary fashion and are conscious about our social and environmental commitment. Fairventures is our platform to realize our personal mission. We are connected through our joint commitment! Get to know us

Work and Collaborate with Us


Fairventures Worldwide initiates, develops, implements and accompanies projects in the field of development cooperation. Our employees combine professionalism and mission driven actions with commitment and enthusiasm. An interdisciplinary and dynamic environment sets the frame for our international project and service activities.
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Shareholders and Partners


The shares of Fairventures Worldwide gGmbH are currently in the hands of 16 shareholders, who have taken them over from the previous shareholder, the Swisscontact Foundation in Zurich. The circle of shareholders is composed of employees and the management, volunteering supporters and freelance experts.