Patience Naamara’s Journey in Leading Climate Action Through Forestry

Meet Patience Naamara, the Country Director of Fairventures Worldwide in Uganda, who serves as an inspiration in sustainable forestry solutions against climate change.

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Female power and leadership at Fairventures

We have many great women at Fairventures who help us to make a difference and lead our NGO to great achievements. We are proud to introduce three women in leadership positions in our organisation.

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Growing Hope: Muhindo Evelyne’s Journey

Muhindo Evelyne is from Kasese district and has undergone a remarkable transformation. Not so long ago, she was struggling to make a living. Today, she is a shining example of what determination and the right support can achieve.

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Herlianto and His Vision for Farmers in Tumbang Manggu

Get to know our smallholder farmer, Herlianto! In a short video introduction, he gives an insight into his work and his vision.

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How tree planting improved the life of primary school teacher Posiano

Byamukama Posiano's life took an unexpected turn when Nyamyezi Central Forest Reserve (CFR) partnered with Fairventures Worldwide. It enabled him to increase his earnings in a way that he is not just able to continue teaching but also improve his skills by doing a bachelor degree in Education.

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Agroforestry with Bees & Urban Farming – Testing new approaches of sustainable agriculture

We work with our partners Latek Stay Alliance, and Eco-Agric Uganda on an agroforestry project in the Hoima, Kikuube and Kibaale districts.

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Herpit stands happily in his sengon forest

Smallholder Herpit Built His House In The Sengon Garden

Far from supermarkets or malls, and far from the traffic and hustle and bustle of the city, Herpit, an Indonesian smallholder, lives with his wife in the middle of their plot of Sengon trees.

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Small farmer with big hat

A Paradigm Shift: Working for the Environment and Smallholder Farmers as a Redemption

While making use of what nature has to offer is a good thing, these profits can come at a price. Two of our team members report on their former jobs in the timber industry – and their decision to pursue a career change.

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young farmer woman has two seedlings in her hands and stands in a tree nursery in Uganda

A young farmer with big plans

In Uganda, Editah Nabweru pinned her hopes on reforestation. And she has big plans. A report by Andrew Odoch Umahtete and Rainer Lang.

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Monalisa in the forest

Globalization at my Home: An Account of a Borneo Native

I ran, and ran. My mind was running as well. I couldn’t believe what I had heard. I didn’t want to believe what I had just been told. All the memories came flashing at once, and I got overwhelmed with emotions.

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Ludiyanto with his family

The Story of a Courageous Farmer in Borneo

They stretch on for kilometers, these palm oil plantations on Borneo. An eerie sight. Not a sound can be heard. Even animals do not want to be here in this sterile environment. Though there is one who has not been deterred.

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