Tree Seedling Redistribution in Indonesia: No farmer is left behind

3. February 2022|In Indonesia, News
young seedling is held by two hands

Last year, the Gunung Mas Regency suffered a severe flooding. According to the Regional Board of Disaster Management (BPBD Kalimantan Tengah), up to September 2021, a total of 3,642 houses were damaged due to the extreme weather conditions. This incident also affected many of the farmers who are part of our 100 Million Trees project. In a follow-up visit to the field, we discovered that many of their trees had been damaged by the flooding.

But at Fairventures, no farmer is left behind! After our field trip, we decided that we needed to act and support the communities with new seedlings. This redistribution took place in November and December 2021 in various villages impacted by the flooding.

two trucks loaded with seedlings drive along a road

Previously, these farmers had received lightwood trees (Sengon & Jabon), fruit trees, vegetable seeds, and ground cover trees as part of the 100 Million Trees project. This time, we redistributed mainly Sengon and Jabon seedlings, as they lay the groundwork for a successful agroforestry approach and for the distribution of additional fruit and vegetable seeds in the future. Moreover, our team was also responsible for supervising the farmers for the required procedures of good planting practices through direct socialization and guidelines.

In order to determine the amount of tree seedlings needed for the redistribution, our team assessed each farmer’s needs individually. The overall number of Sengon seedlings redistributed was 26.680, whereas the total number of Jabon seedlings redistributed amounted to 1.236, with 50 farmers contributing to the total. 

two colleagues during redistribution of seedlings

To achieve the goal of our 100 Million Trees project, we will continue to support and encourage the participating farmers. No one is left behind with their problems. Let’s hope that this redistribution will be another key moment in our fight against the climate crisis and for the empowerment of local farmers.