Join us on a virtual journey to the rainforest of Borneo

13. May 2021|In Indonesia, News
Monalisa explains something, 100 Million Trees VR Experience

Visiting a rainforest without having to book a flight? As of today, this is possible!

A new 360 video takes you on a virtual journey to our 100 Million Trees program, shot directly on location in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. In it, our Communications Coordinator Monalisa takes you on a 360° walk through our project sites. Hear directly from the team in Indonesia and meet local farmers Ludiyanto and Santi who participate in our 100 Million Trees program.

Good to know:

If you do not possess a Virtual Reality Headset, you can still enjoy the 360 feature on regular video using the navigation buttons on the screen. There are, however, some cheap but good Virtual Reality options on the market, such as the Cardboard VRs that will cost you 5 € or less. Enjoy!

This video was created by and for our partner Bread for the World and the company Into VR & Video GmbH who shot the film on-site is the owner of the copyright. Many thanks for the fantastic collaboration.