New Milestone „One Million Trees“

Incredible, but true! We actually did it, the millionth seedling is distributed and we can finish the project One Million Trees successfully. We have been working on our reforestation program since 2014, and for a long time the goal of one million seedlings seemed to be a long way off. With the completion of the […]

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An Entire Family Comes Together to Plant Sengon

As the seedling distribution is coming to an end in Talaken, we joined Suadi and Mahuy Bean to deliver 500 seedlings to the field of Hassim and his family. Just a 15 minutes drive with the small Mitsubishi truck filled with bags of seedlings from the nursery and we arrived at their small field: Directly besides the […]

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From the Nursery to the Field – How the New Seedlings are Planted

During the last three days of November, 6250 seedlings found their way already from Suhadi’s nursery in Talaken to the fields. This year, many smallholders took the responsibility to choose, pack and transport their seedlings by themselves. Even the youngest helped to load the trucks with 250 to 500 seedlings to deliver them to the fields. […]

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