Klimapartner beim GD Holz

Fairventures as climate partner at 15th wood industry fair in Cologne

This year, in our function as official climate partner of the wood industry fair, we had plenty of opportunities to discuss the important issue of compensation through reforestation. We actively participated in the program with two lectures and we were happy about the lively discussions that came up and about the great interest in our approach and our work.

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Wald brennt in roten Rauch

Forest fires on Borneo, Indonesia

Due to the long-lasting fires and a huge amount of smoke, the people of Borneo could hardly think of a normal everyday life during the last months. Our Indonesian colleagues wore breathing masks in the office, while looking out of the office window in Palanka Raya everything was covered by gray smoke and fog.

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Fairventures and Out for Space deepen partnership

We are very happy to announce that we have entered a new phase in our partnership with Out for Space. This Southern German company produces innovative rattan products with amazing designs and many new applications.

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Stand auf der FAIR HANDELN Messe

The Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Energy in Baden-Württemberg visiting Fairventures

FAIR HANDELN is an international trade fair for fair trade and globally responsible action that takes place every spring in Stuttgart.

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Bankkonstruktion aus

First prototypes made of laminated board in Uganda

Glulam has long been indispensable in Europe and many other countries of the world. In Uganda, however, it is still completely unknown in timber construction. Glued laminated timber is wood that consists of at least three board layers glued in the same grain direction.

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