Shareholder and Partner

The shares of Fairventures Worldwide gGmbH are currently in the hands of 16 shareholders, who have taken them over from the previous shareholder, the Swisscontact Foundation in Zurich. The circle of shareholders is composed of employees and the management, volunteering supporters and freelance experts. All shareholders take an active voluntary role, for instance as ambassadors. A shareholders‘ meeting takes place two times a year and controls the management. Further dedicated shareholders are welcome.

Within the gGmbH there exists a consultancy unit that is conducted separately. All consulting services are conducted and brought to account within this business part. All surpluses from this respective unit are being transferred to the non-profit projects after tax deduction.

Luzi Hugentobler, Shareholder FVW

“I am happy to support the young and motivated team at Fairventures in my role as shareholder while advising their work and accompanying the challenges they face with many years of project experience that I have gained myself. That way I can continue contributing to the field of international Development Corporation.“

“Only those who deliver sustainable solutions and impart knowledge can move something. At Fairventures, I can see a young team that tackles sustainable projects with a lot of commitment and takes a stand for a more equal togetherness. I am happy to support this dedication with help and advice within my own possibilities.“

Jürgen Meissner, Shareholder FVW & Managing Shareholder at ÖkoMedia GmbH

Key Partner

Under the scope of our worldwide activities we collaborate with excellent technical, scientific and local partners:

Unternehmenslogo BIT
Unternehmenslogo Unique
Unternehmenslogo ABP

Borneo Institute

partner in the 1m Trees program

Unique Forestry and Land Use GmbH Freiburg i.Br.

technical partner


Indonesian cooperation partner for the 1m Trees program

Unternehmenslogo open forests
Logo BFH

Open Forests, Bonn

technical partner smart forests

University of Applied Sciences Biel

academic partner in the field of forestry (Hafl)
and wood processing (Biel)