Farmer Training Facilitator Edith Muhindo about the reforestation projects in Kasese, Uganda

18. April 2024|In News, Uganda

In Kasese District, Uganda, Edith Muhindo supports farmers  to reforest degraded areas. Edith has been a Farmer Training Facilitator (FTF) at Fairventures Worldwide for four years now and is at the forefront of our activities. She passionately collaborates with smallholder farmers, empowering them with knowledge and resources to combat the impacts of climate change while building resilient livelihoods.

“Our focus is to increase the resilience of smallholder farmers to climate change,” said Edith.

She added, “These farmers, owning small plots of land, are particularly vulnerable. Through reforestation and sustainable agricultural practices, we’re not just planting trees; we’re planting hope for future generations.”

The journey hasn’t been without its challenges. Before our activities in Kasese, awareness about tree planting was low, and the demand for trees went unfulfilled.

However, the narrative has shifted through Edith’s tireless efforts. Communities now actively participate in farmer field schools, tree planting, establishing woodlots, and embracing agroforestry practices.

“Our farmers have transitioned from mere subsistence farming to envisioning sustainable futures; they now organize themselves in groups, fostering collaboration and collective decision-making. This ensures the sustainability of our projects,” Edith said.

Participatory planning allows farmers to choose the trees they want to plant and fosters a sense of ownership and trust among the community.

“Sustainability means careful resource usage to cater to the needs of present and future generations. Our interventions are designed to benefit not only the current generation but also generations to come,” Edith explained.

Despite the successes, challenges persist. Climate change-induced uncertainties like droughts and floods pose significant hurdles. Additionally, ingrained gender biases sometimes hinder progress, as women are not always taken serious when it comes to reforestation. However, Edith remains undeterred, fueled by her passion and the resilience of the communities she serves.

Muhindo Edith and the farmers in Kasese are sowing the seeds of change in Uganda, one tree at a time. Together, we are not just planting forests; we are cultivating sustainable communities ready to thrive amidst adversity.