Quiz Night at the Timber Innovation Center with students from Makerere and Kyambogo Universitiy

10. April 2024|In News, Uganda

Knowledge is key: In this spirit, we hosted a quiz night about forestry and climate topics with students from Makerere and Kyambogo University at our Timber Innovation Center in Kampala, paying tribute to the International Day of Forests. 

At the beginning of the quiz night, participants eagerly gathered around their tables, attentively listening to the moderator’s instructions for the evening’s proceedings. Divided into six groups, each team faced a series of eight questions over four rounds.

After each quiz round participants had the possibility to exchange casually, refresh and even sing Karaoke to recharge during the intense competition.

In the end of the evening, anticipation peaked as the judges deliberated over the scores, finally announcing the deserving winners of the quiz night, who were rewarded with gifts for their broad knowledge. As another highlight of our event, our country director in Uganda, Patience Naamara, handed out participation certificates and encouraged all attendees to apply their gained knowhow to combat climate change:

 “Our collective efforts tonight symbolize the power of knowledge and collaboration in confronting the challenges of climate change. Let us carry forward the lessons learned and work together to safeguard our planet for future generations,” she expressed.

The participants left happy about the newfound knowledge and hearts full of hope and determination. Events like these in our Timber Innovation Center are a great example on how to foster awareness and education on critical environmental issues, to create a more sustainable future.