From seed to seedling – Nursery management at the Kasese Youth Polytechnic Nursery in Uganda

29. March 2023|In News, Uganda
From Seed to Seedling in Uganda

The Kasese District in Uganda experienced several disasters such as landslides, intense heat waves, and floods in the past which created an urgent need to take action in order to prevent or reduce the impact of these disasters.

That’s why we have partnered with the Kasese Youth Polytechnic School and constructed the KYP nursery to serve as a hub for the propagation and nurturing of a diverse range of tree species in 2019.

Today the nursery has a production capacity of 80,000 seedlings which are distributed to farmers each season. With Grevillea Robusta and Maesopsis Eminii being the species on demand, the district is geared towards promoting sustainable land use practices and enhancing the overall ecological health of the area. Through our nursery activities, we empower the local community with the necessary knowledge and skills to engage in climate-resilient farming practices that will improve their livelihoods in the long run.

Through this initiative, we aim to empower local communities to be part of the solution while ensuring a successful tree coverage. Seloestus Mabunda, the Nursery Operator at KYP nursery in Uganda, explains to us the rigorous process she follows to ensure the production of healthy seedlings. The aim is to have a ready supply of seedlings available when needed during different seasons.