How every company can take action against climate change

7. October 2020|In News
Zwei Uhren von Mondaine: aktiv werden

The protection of the environment and the climate are the most urgent challenges of our time. This opinion is reflected in a Europe-wide survey in which EU citizens stated that climate change is a „serious“ (93%) or „very serious“ problem (79%).  For consumers, sustainability is therefore in many cases no longer a nice-to-have, but often a decisive factor in purchasing decisions. As a result, the sustainability of a company has a positive effect in many areas.

This is confirmed by a recent LBBW study on this topic. According to this study, companies that actively strive for more sustainability will be more efficient, improve their image, have higher employee satisfaction and are more successful in recruiting young employees. However, a sustainable orientation is also reflected in financial success indicators. The EBIT margin of companies in the consumer and retail sectors is on average 6 per cent higher for those companies than the EBIT margin of competitors that operate less sustainably.

We at Fairventures are convinced that we can only master the current challenges if civil society and companiesform strong alliances. The good news is that in the end not only the environment benefits but also the companies involved. For this reason, we offer companies numerous opportunities for cooperation. One of these is the so-called „sales donation“. A company donates a fixed amount or percentage of the price, turnover, or profit per product sold, which is then used for our reforestation projects. With these cooperations, companies can not only show that they have a clear position on environmental issues but also offer their customers a tangible opportunity to become active themselves through purchasing their products. All in all that’s an attractive new sales argument and USP.

One example is our successful cooperation with the Swiss watch manufacturer Mondaine. The WE CARE collection (see picture above) is made from sustainable materials and produced with solar power. From each sold watch of the WE CARE collection 20 Swiss Francs (approx. 19€) go to Fairventures.

Pet food can also be used to protect the climate. With the „Tree Lover“ menu of Terra Canis  10 cents per sold can go into our reforestation projects.

Hund und Dose Hundefutter im Wald

With our new partner Yook it will become easy for online shops to offer an opportunity to directly contribute to climatic protection. A plug-in for the shopping cart will enable customers to make a climate compensation for their order with just one click.

aktiv werden

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