Our New Annual Report Is Online

9. September 2020|In Indonesia, News, Uganda
Farmer holds young seedling in nursery

In the new annual report on the 2019-2020 planting year, you can learn more about the difference your support and contributions have made in recent months and what we have achieved together for the environment, climate and people in Indonesia and Uganda. Thank you for embarking with us on this journey!

Transparent and responsible action is at the heart of our organisational culture. In particular, this includes an open approach to how we use the funds entrusted to us and what effect our projects have. We have compiled these details for you in our new report.

Click here to access it.

In Uganda, we successfully completed two projects together with partners in the past planting season, planted nine different tree species in agroforestry systems and trained over 300 vocational students.

In Indonesia, the 1 millionth seedling was distributed, marking a milestone that impressively demonstrates what we can achieve together. We have learned a lot and can now show a survival rate of over 90% for the trees planted. Now we are setting ourselves a new goal: With your support we want to plant 100 million trees.