Newspaper Stuttgarter Zeitung – Page 3 for Borneo’s rainforest & Fairventures

16. May 2020|In Media
Schriftzug Stuttgarter Zeitung

What is the 20:15 show on television has always been page 3 in the newspaper industry. Just recently, on 6 May 2019, the newspaper Stuttgarter Zeitung published a report by Christoph Link, in which he takes the reader on a journey to the heart of Borneo in the 200s and today. Personally and very closely described using the example of our press spokeswoman Monalisa, the article shows the complex problems and the dilemma of the Dayak, the local population on the spot. So Monalisa, herself a Dayak and raised on Borneo, reports about her personal family history, the Orang Utan, the disappearance of the forest and the animals, while the article leads through the landscape of Borneo, which today is mainly marked by palm oil plantations, illegal gold mines or degraded grassland. Fairventures works with innovative concepts, ideas and business models to put a stop to this ongoing destruction, to protect the land, the people and the biodiversity of this unique island. Earning an income by planting trees is new to the Dayak, says Monalisa. All the more we are delighted about the more than 1,000 farmers who have joined our project so far and the 1 million trees for Borneo that have already been planted.

The article, kindly supportet by Christoph Link and the Stuttgarter Zeitung, can be found at the following link:

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