TREEO plays an essential role in our project Digitalization & Biodiversity Indonesia and is our digital tool for the development of optimized scalable forestry models. While forestry is the cheapest and most efficient tool available to bind CO2 and make global land use more sustainable, successful large-scale reforestation is hampered for two reasons: Lack of funding and data. TREEO addresses these problems and thus contributes to the fight against climate change, unfair resource distribution and dysfunctional world economy.

We are developing TREEO as a freely available app that can be used by any smallholder farmer in the world to digitize their forest and derive information about the financial value of their timber. With the help of the app, tree diameters and other forest data can be captured easily and efficiently. Based on this data, TREEO gives advices on tree care and harvesting, calculates timber volumes and uses local market prices for comparison. The data is integrated into a structured database, which not only provides the small holder farmers with an overview of their forest, but also creates transparency and the necessary basis of trust for investors and the entire timber value chain. The app’s online marketplace facilitates market access for smallholder farmers and links buyers and sellers.

TREEO is currently still in the development phase. We need support to improve the current version and take TREEO to the next level. Please feel free to contact me!

Contact person

Tomas Vitek