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100 million trees

Since 2014 we have been working tirelessly towards our goal in Borneo: The large-scale reforestation of degraded former rainforest areas (Forest Landscape Restoration). With the revitalization of such degraded areas, the soil fertility of whole regions can be transformed thus made usable again for humans, animals and plants. In addition, growing trees extract a lot of CO2 from the atmosphere and help us to fight climate change.

Traditionally, reforestation projects have focused on environmental protection, which means that natural forests are replanted for which no human use is intended. The main cause of deforestation, however, is the population’s need for resources, like wood, soil or mineral resources such as gold.

We believe that sustainable reforestation and active environmental protection can only work if the local population also benefits economically. Only if we succeed in meeting the needs of the people with our reforested areas, we can protect the remaining virgin forests of Borneo.

In order to secure the income of the local population and protect the environment, we have developed an intelligent agroforestry concept in Indonesia based on three pillars:
1. The planting of fast-growing trees: We use pioneer trees with high growth rates on our land, which are in demand from the timber industry at attractive market prices.
2. The cultivation of catch crops: In order to guarantee the population a fast and constant income, we plant fruit and vegetables, peanuts, cocoa, coffee and spices between the tree rows.
3. The application of concepts of regenerative agriculture: Through the use of special plant species and a multitude of different plant forms, soil quality and biodiversity and thus productivity are continuously improved.

In reforestation, we support the population with expertise, training and market access for their products. With a view to the entire value chain, we work simultaneously with companies in the timber and food industries. We work sustainably, fairly and transparently, starting from field cultivation through to the end consumer in order to transform the industry as a whole towards greater sustainability.

Our country program for Indonesia is called „100 Million Trees“. It consists of a series of projects on Borneo that cover the various aspects of our work:



Fairventures Social Forestry


In 2018, we founded a private company in order to be able to afforest larger areas through financial investments.


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We are proud of what we have achieved so far. Between 2014 and 2019, we distributed more than one million seedlings and reached more than 1,100 farmers.
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