„When we plant trees, we plant the seeds of peace and seeds of hope.“

Wangari Maathai – nobel laureate for sustainable development, peace and democracy from Kenia

In the last 25 years Ugandan forests were reduced from 5 Million to 1,9 million hectares. This corresponds to a countrywide forest coverage of only 9%. At the same time, eight million hectares are ready to be reforested according to a study of the International Union for Conservation in 2016. In all of East Africa, Uganda has the best conditions for reforestation – climate, rainfall and soils are extraordinarily suitable. Our approach of reforestation with fast-growing tree species is a solution that generates incomes and regenerates degraded land at the same time.

Program Description

Fairventures has been working on smaller projects in Uganda since 2014, but with the year 2018 we are launching a new phase of our engagement. Our Uganda program aims to find and implement solutions for large-scale restauration of deforested areas in Uganda. In this endeavor, we are using the experience and insights gained from our program “One Million Trees” in Indonesia.

Uganda is a very poor country with a rapidly growing population. The majority of people works in agriculture and is therefore dependent on a healthy environment. Sadly, large parts of the forests in Uganda have been cleared over the last 25 years to serve the fuel and resource needs of the population. Thus, the soil in many sites is affected by erosion and the livelihoods of the population are under threat. Our approach of reforestation with fast-growing trees and crops alongside the development of the respective value chains can lead to positive change in Uganda as well.

The fundament for our program was set by a number of studies that we have conducted in 2017 and 2018. In these studies, we have researched and analyzed which local tree species would be suitable for reforestation, where potential markets for the timber and cops could be and with whom we would cooperate in Uganda.

At this point, we still have many open questions that we hope top be able to answer in due time. Without a doubt we will need much support to make this program work. But the first steps are behind us and we are confident that we have chosen the right country: we have found strong partners, our concepts match with the climate in the country and new donors support our efforts to realize this program. All remaining questions will certainly be answered through bold trials and intense exchange with our partners and experts.

Project implementation: 1-1-2018 – 12-31-2019

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