Agroforestry & Vocational Training

Project Description

According to the FAO, about 15.2 % (ca. 2,988,000 hectares) of land in Uganda are forested, of which are about 51,000 hectares a result of reforestation. From 1990 to 2010, Uganda lost on average about 1.86 % (88.150 hectares) of forest cover per annum, which is equivalent to a net forest degradation of 37.1 % (1,763,000 hectares).
Consequently, current tendencies of environmental degradation constitute a serious risk with regards to the economic situation and in some areas could even threaten already achieved social, economic and environmental development results. Apart from poverty alleviation and environmental conservation, addressing deforestation within this context eventually also contributes to the reduction of causes of forced migration.

The project seeks to establish a curriculum for environmental training with a focus on afforestation, reforestation, and agroforestry at two technical vocational training centers in Western Uganda. Through this intervention, students in technical training receive access to a complementary education with the particular purpose of facilitating practical and theoretical skills and knowledge about environmental degradation and its consequences. Emphasis is given on the skills necessary to undertake activities directed at small scale afforestation, reforestation, and agroforestry in combination with the accessibility of related income opportunities. The project aims to raise awareness and train how to protect the environment based on the opportunity of economic incentives.

All activities undertaken are integrated into the framework of the Skilling Uganda Strategy (SSU) jointly implemented by BTC and the Ugandan Ministry of Education, Science, Technology, and Sports. Project ownership are primarily taking the two training centers, Kasese Youth Polytechnic, and St. Simon Peter’s Vocational Training Center. The activities are designed to serve as a pilot with the purpose of testing and developing concepts of afforestation, and reforestation for Uganda as a whole.

Project Duration

01/2017 – 12/2017

Overall Budget

25.000,- €

Project Partner

  • Kasese Youth Polytechnic, Kasese Municipality, Uganda
  • Simon Peter’s Vocational Training Centre, Hoima Municipality, Uganda
  • BTC Uganda, SSU Project, Fort Portal, Uganda

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