What we have achieved

Moringa for All

Project Description The Teso Region is situated in northeastern Uganda. The majority of people are still living a traditional ...

Intercropping in planted forests


Drinking Water Supply in Developing Countries.

Non-Profit Study

Drinking water for Achocalla.


Vocational Training for workers in the informal sector.

Project Description Uganda (Background): Uganda – a landlocked country in the north of Lake Victoria – has a population ...

Strengthening Local Identities and Raising Cultural Awareness.

Project Description Background: Similar to other regions around the world, Central Kalimantan has been subject to the transformative power ...

Sustainable Building.


Vietnam: Promotion of Energy Efficient Buildings

Project Description Vietnam (Background): Vietnam is one of the most densely populated developing countries in the world, with 91 ...

Kenia: Fighting Hunger and Poverty with Moringa Cultivation

Project Description Background: The town Lokichoggio (15.000-18.000 inhabitants) is situated in the Northwest of Kenya close to the borders ...