Two Women and Their Strong Contribution in Our Project Area

The project „Agroforestry Systems With Fruit Trees And Vegetables“ generates new success stories. As we are especially impressed by the great commitment of women in our project area, we would like to introduce two of them.

Nulie Magat (left in the picture) has already planted different vegetables on her fields in the village of Tehang last year and made a very positive experience. That’s why she has now decided to plant her fields by applying permaculture methods in order to be able to achieve sustainable results by the efficient use of natural resources. She is currently preparing her fields for the next planting phase to increase the amount of planted vegetables and produce compost for organic fertilization purposes. One of her most valuable experiences in the project so far was to learn about the possibilities of organic fertilization and composting as well as how to use them as a permanent alternative to artificial fertilizers.

In the village of Tukau we visited Ulis Tunai (right in the picture). A very enthusiastic and motivated farmer who cultivates Sengon in combination with corn and local vegetables. She is already growing some of her own seedlings for the coming planting season. As result of her great commitment, she was selected by the project team as a so-called lead farmer. With her enthusiasm and knowledge, she will accompany other smallholders in the project with advice and support throughout the coming planting season.

The project’s aim is to improve the food supply of smallholders and their families by planting fruit trees and vegetables on degraded fields in combination with timber, and to gain some income by selling surpluses.

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