The Third Planting Phase Comes to an End

About 220.000 seedlings were planted by 482 smallholders and their families during the third planting phase. That is the successful result at the end of the planting phase, which kept the farmers and the project team on site busy from the end of November 2016 until mid of February 2017.

The project team of the Borneo Institute supported the smallholders preparing their fields and planting the seedlings, which were raised in eight regional nurseries. Already before the planting phase, different trainings took place in October and November to prepare the smallholders and demonstrate how to handle Sengon seedlings. Yet with the end of the planting phase, the monitoring in purpose of mapping and quality assurance begins. Equipped with GPS devices, cameras and technical appliances the monitoring team will review the growth of the seedlings in the field and record technical data. Thus, in only a few months the smallholders and their newly planted fields will appear in our webmap.

Seedling end of November

Seedling middle of February

Here’s a little foretaste: This seedling was planted at the end of November and now it’s almost half the size of our Community Officer Panduh Tukat.

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