The Monitoring Season 2017 Has Begun

For four weeks, our team in Borneo was collecting data regarding the development of the newly planted fields including the field mapping.

Three teams were in charge of this year´s monitoring of the newly planted fields in Central Kalimantan, our program area. The Sengon trees were counted on the respective fields and the growth development of each seedling was checked. We are very pleased with the good results: the little Sengon trees show a positive and strong development.

The first phase of the monitoring was led and successfully concluded thanks to Freddy, our monitoring officer, and Suardi and Laster, our field coordinators in Borneo.  A very essential factor was also the active participation and support of the smallholders from the program region. They supported not only regarding the data collection, but also enriched our insights with their feedback.

We are now entering into phase II of the monitoring process: Aerial photographs are being made again on site. Drone pilot Patrick from our partner OpenForests is back in the program area and is carrying out the drone mapping of the planted areas. In the coming weeks there will be new data and pictures available on our webmap, which covers the third successful planting phase and the development of the individual fields. Exciting weeks are ahead of us.

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