The Indonesian Bishop of the Kalimantan Church Visits Fairventures

In the context of his travels through Germany due to the 50th jubilee of the reformation, Wardinan Lidim, bishop of the Lutheran Kalimantan Church in Borneo, visited Stuttgart and spoke on Tuesday evening at Fairventures Worldwide about how the church wants to contribute to large-scale reforestation in Kalimantan.

With the ongoing deforestation in Kalimantan and the challenge of finding and establishing sustainable approaches to restore formerly fertile land, the church intends to take an active role in those efforts. The young bishop Wardinan Lidim endeavors to combine both church and ecology as two thematic fields and to develop joint solutions that can be established sustainably.

The Lutheran Kalimantan Church was founded in the mid of the 19th century as a church of the native Dayak in Borneo and goes back to the work of southern German and Swiss missionaries. Borneo is called Kalimantan in Indonesian. Wardinan Lidim is a young bishop with big goals: he opposes the destruction of the forest in his home with words and deeds. With the motto „integrity of creation”, he concludes that the Dayak must protect the rainforest in Borneo. Therefore, the church is also collaborating with Fairventures Worldwide.

Picture: Christof Krackhardt/ Bread for the World

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