The first cocoa and coffee seedlings have been planted

As part of our intercropping activities between fast growing timber species such as Sengon and Jabon, we are starting to plant cocoa and coffee seedlings in addition to the cultivation of peanuts. The interspaces of the existing timber plantations in the One Million Trees program will be used to plant coffee and cocoa seedlings, which are ideal as shade plants and also contribute to the biodiversity of the smallholders’ fields. In this way, we want to ensure an increase in the economic efficiency of the fields. By the sale of peanuts, coffee and cocoa beans, smallholders will be able to generate additional income throughout the time their trees are still growing on the fields.

The first seedlings have now been planted on the field of Ledie, a participant in our One Million Trees program. Ledie has already planted Sengon on his field in Tumbang Malahoi and will plant coffee and cocoa seedlings in addition to peanuts this year. Around 200 cocoa and coffee seedlings were planted on the first test field. During the pilot phase, a total of 3.000 seedlings will be planted on the fields of smallholders as well as on further test fields.

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