Advanced Courses for Nursery Operators and Farmers

The 1m Trees team and their partners organized several training programs for farmers and local nursery operators from the project area in April and May this year.

The first activity was a one month field training on a plantation with nursery in Sukabumi, West Java. Nine participants from Central Kalimantan joined different classes and practical trainings and learned how to treat seeds, raise seedlings and take care of trees in the field. Unanimous opinion of the participants: a great experience. The activities continued with a two-day training on the financial aspects of nurseries and planting operations. Although the contents were new and challenging, the participants excelled and were afterwards able to write business plans for their nurseries and plantations.

Many thanks to our partners from PT Albasia Bhumiphala Persada and Lembaga Dayak Panarung for the support.

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