Are wood products good for the climate? A life cycle assessment (LCA) of Sengon plywood

  Wood is regarded as an ecologically very sustainable material and usually has a negative CO2 balance, since it serves as a natural carbon pool. Especially in the construction sector, for example in comparison to aluminum, steel or lightweight concrete, which have relatively high CO2 emissions[1] per m3, wood can offer a sustainable alternative. As […]

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Launch of the Sengon Processing

Since the beginning of 1m Trees you could learn here, that we are planting fast-growing tree species with farmers from three villages in Central Kalimantan. The farmers receive training and we distribute seedlings. In the course of the program, we would like to strengthen the local value chain and establish a processing industry with saw […]

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Retrospective: 1m Trees Pilot Project 2014

After the first year of the program 1m Trees has passed and we have almost completed our pilot project, it is time to look back and see, what has been accomplished and where the program is standing now. After preparations running from January to March, the first activities were conducted in April. Tree nurseries were […]

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