Our Annual Report is Online!

  In the new annual report on the 2019-2020 planting year, you can learn more about the difference your support and contributions have made in recent months and what we have achieved together for the environment, climate and people in Indonesia and Uganda. Thank you for embarking with us on this journey! Transparent and responsible […]

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The Third Planting Phase Comes to an End

About 220.000 seedlings were planted by 482 smallholders and their families during the third planting phase. That is the successful result at the end of the planting phase, which kept the farmers and the project team on site busy from the end of November 2016 until mid of February 2017. The project team of the […]

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Smallholder Midie – A Short Portrait

The field of smallholder Midie, a new participant of the One Million Trees program, is located between the villages of Talaken and Samui. During the actual planting phase he received the seedlings of Sengon from the nursery in Samui for the first time. He will complement his variety of cassava, bananas, ginger and bamboo with the new […]

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