How every company can take action against climate change

  The protection of the environment and the climate are the most urgent challenges of our time. This opinion is reflected in a Europe-wide survey in which EU citizens stated that climate change is a „serious“ (93%) or „very serious“ problem (79%).  For consumers, sustainability is therefore in many cases no longer a nice-to-have, but […]

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FSF in the publication ‚Bankable Nature Solutions‘ of WWF

A new WWF report shows how environmental projects can be linked to the banking and financial sector and have a positive impact on nature and climate as well as on people with a financial return. The publication ‚Bankable Nature Solutions‘ describes 13 case studies, all of which show different approaches to linking environmental projects and generating […]

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New Milestone „One Million Trees“

Incredible, but true! We actually did it, the millionth seedling is distributed and we can finish the project One Million Trees successfully. We have been working on our reforestation program since 2014, and for a long time the goal of one million seedlings seemed to be a long way off. With the completion of the […]

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