Successful Information Meetings about Intercropping

In March this year, the intercropping project within the scope of the 1 Million Trees program in Borneo has started. On degraded fields where fast-growing wood species have been planted already, vegetables and other crops will be planted now in free interspaces between those trees. As a consequence, smallholders are able to harvest the respective […]

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A Perfect Fit: How the Program 1 Million Trees for Borneo and the “Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development” match

The year 2016 started with a huge step towards sustainable development: the new UN “Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development” replaces the Millennium Development Goals. The 1 Million Trees program by Fairventures Worldwide successfully implements many of those goals that are set in the respective UN-Agenda by now. In September 2015 the United Nations Summit took […]

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