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Tree donation as a gift

What do you give to someone who already has everything he or she needs? Trees – a gift that keeps on growing as years go by. As a sign of hope, they provide fertile soil, income for the people of Borneo, and counteract climate change by absorbing carbon from the atmosphere.
You will donate in the name of the donnee and receive a certificate of donation by e-mail after successful payment. Surprise your family members, friends or colleagues for birthdays, weddings, Christmas or any other occasion.
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Donate online

Make the world a little better with just a few clicks! You can choose individually which of our projects you would like to support: Whether small farmers on Borneo, young trainees in Uganda or our work as such. With your donation you can make a valuable contribution to strengthen the living conditions of people, to create a safe and long-term perspective for them and their families and to protect our environment and the climate!

Giving monthly is the most powerful way to donate!

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Start a campaign

You would like to support our work in Indonesia on a special occasion and give a present to small farmers on Borneo?
Here you can set up your own donation campaign within a few minutes and make a contribution to the reforestation of the forests, to environmental protection and nature conservation and to securing the lives of the Dayak population. Per collected 5€ we can plant 1 tree together with a small farmer. On an average field of a farmer family between 500 and 1000 trees can find space to grow.

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