Successful Development of the Galati2020 Project

In May 2014, we launched our Galati2020 project with an open-ended and demand-oriented analysis workshop. By doing so, the idea was to find out which interventions the people in Galati required the most and how Fairventures could address those prevailing problems. By now, we have successfully managed to implement a first project called “FairCare”, dealing with empowering Romanian women.

The “Fair Care” project is led by Hope for Eastern Europe and AIDROM. It aims at qualifying and educating middle-aged women working in the field of home care, where a lot of of them have no access to the labor market or only poor income opportunities. In addition, special seminars are offered to strengthen the self-confidence and thereby promote the self-empowerment of women. We will continue to support the participants, e.g. by helping them to found their own small companies.

With the support of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports of Baden-Wuerttemberg, department of further education, and under the direction of the educational institution Teamtraining Tübingen, a so-called Erasmus+ proposal was prepared, and successfully approved by the national agency in Bonn. This project deals with further training counseling and includes partners from several European countries. It will commence in November this year and allows the different European partners to learn from each other.

The positive development and the role of our partners, who immediately assumed responsibility for the project, are paving the way for a successful future in Galati. We are proud to hand over the project activities to our respective partners and will stay in close contact with them.

We would like to thank all our supporters and wish the Project Manager Elena Nastase all the best for the ongoing project and her professional and personal future!

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