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Fairventures Services provides consulting services along the value chain of tropical timber, starting with afforestation to finished wood products bought by the customer. This value chain needs an urgent and complete transformation – leaving destruction of forests behind and moving towards forest preservation and the countless positive effects associated with it. For our various clients we have been working on this subject matter for many years, being able to highlight this in diverse examples of previous working assignments. Get in touch with us for further information.


The value-chain in detail. 

Our Services

You are facing the challenge of implementing the new „Sustainable Development Goals“ with limited resources as fast and as successful as possible? Your focus is goal no. 15 to stop the tremendous tropical deforestation and reforest degraded areas through smallholders in mixed forests?


We can support you with the following:

  • Creation of sub-sector analyses that put emphasis on the market view and enable you to have a quick orientation.
  • Creation of gap analyses in the sub sector to detect the biggest targets for funding.
  • Creation of promotional strategies, including the development of goal-oriented activity planning.
  • Management and implementation of projects and activities along your ambitious goals and success indicators.
  • Design and implementation of measures to involve stakeholders in order to increase acceptance and sustainability.
  • Monitoring of projects and activities including their performance measurement.

You are dealing with a transformation along the value chain in the field of forest and timber and are looking for a reliable subcontractor being available on short notice? You are looking for support in developing and implementing your ideas?

Here is what we can offer you:

  • Conception and organization of study tours in German-speaking countries to enable your partner companies to gain insights into the market conditions.
  • Elaboration and implementation of activities that enable and facilitate market access in Europe for producers and exporters in the partner countries.
  • Assistance and accompaniment of partner country firms on international trade fairs.
  • Training and capacity building for business support companies, trade associations and export promotion organizations in partner countries.
  • Attention and advertisement on the German market for your activities in the sub-sectors of the partner countries.

You are dealing with the import or trade of products made of tropical timber and want to ensure that your business is not contributing to the rainforest destruction? You are in line that a transformation of the value chain towards sustainability is an urgent need and are looking for ways to offer your customers „clean“ and innovative products?


Then we can support you with the following activities:

  • Training of procurement staff in regard to the new European Timber Regulations (EUTR) in order to obtain legal certainty.
  • Analyses of your supply chain and consulting regarding procurement processes to systematically exclude vulnerabilities.
  • Assistance in the development and implementation of your sustainability strategy to maintain your future viability.
  • Identification, evaluation and selection of new processors and exporters that provide innovative and clean products in a reliable and competitive manner.
  • Preparation, organization and implementation of information and buyer missions, benefitting from our network.

You have decided to purchase wood only from sources that do not contribute to the destruction of tropical forests and want to market this philosophy with a real added value? You are looking for product innovations outside the cut-throat competition and for new markets and customers in the EU?


Then we can support you with the following activities:

  • Consultancy and training concerning quality requirements and product trends in the German market as a basis for decision-making in the production.
  • Support in product innovation and matchmaking with top institutions in the EU in order to develop them to be marketable.
  • Identification and initiation of appropriate contacts with importers in order to draw attention on your products and enable sales conversations.
  • Conception, organization and execution of sales promotions in the EU such as trade fair booths, roadshows, advertising and public relations.
  • Support in the selection of technologies and improvement of purchasing and production processes.
  • Contacts to German importers to establish long-term business relationships (see item 3)
  • Assistance and accompaniment of partner country firms on international trade fairs.

Clients & References

These are excerpts of our reference list. If you require further information please contact us.

Unternehmenslogo GIZ
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Import Promotion Desk (IPD)

  • Creation of EUTR Guideline
  • Sector Analysis Cameroon & Fact Finding Ghana
  • Development of Sector Strategy Export Promotion Peru

Swiss Import Promotion Programme (SIPPO)

  • SLVK Promotion Interzum, 2013
  • Buyer Mission in Serbia

Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

Promotion of “Lesser Known Species“


Project Design Mission Mekong


Swisscontact Macedonia

Green Economy Assessment


Business Plan Development for South East Anatolian Organic Sector Association


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