Retrospective: 1m Trees Pilot Project 2014

After the first year of the program 1m Trees has passed and we have almost completed our pilot project, it is time to look back and see, what has been accomplished and where the program is standing now.

After preparations running from January to March, the first activities were conducted in April. Tree nurseries were identified and invited to participate on a study tour to Java in May. In June, we organized follow-up trainings and thus, having prepared the nurseries, ordered the production of 100.000 Albasia seedlings. In the same month, we conducted an analysis of the soil and landscape types in the region and defined which soil types are suitable for planting. In July, August and September interested communities were chosen and project socialization was conducted in the districts Manuhing, Manuhing Raya and Rungan Barat. We surveyed the land of all interested farmers and made sure that it is suited for the project. More than 100 farmers could be convinced to join the project. In October we organized trainings and in November and December transported the seedlings to the project area and distributed them. 36.000 seedlings are already distributed; the remaining 64.000 will be distributed in January and February in a second round. Besides all these activities we have discussed intensively with our partners in Indonesia and Germany and fine-tuned our concept. In addition, we elaborated different ways how to nurture and grow the program. We hope to be able to tell you more soon.

Where are we now? For us, it is obvious that 1m Trees is a very promising program and well suited to address economic and ecological problems in the region. The implementation so far was very successful and the reactions of the beneficiaries were enthusiastic. We have gained much experience and are looking forward to the next phase.

The project team wishes all readers a happy and successful year 2015!

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