Professional consulting regarding tree and soil

Martin Nesensohn, a German agronomist, visited the “1m trees” project area in May this year. He analyzed the different soil types and observed the growth of the plants on the particular soils. After a professional assessment he created individual plans for the soil preparation. The next seedlings will be planted in planting holes that are specifically prepared for the particular soil. Thereby an optimal growth for the next generation is guaranteed.

Jean-Philippe Mayland, a Swiss forester, visited the program area once more in June this year. As expert for afforestation and forest inventory, he analyzed last year’s plantings. He travelled through the field for more than one week and took a close look at every plantation in the program area. He acknowledged huge successes, but also found possibilities for improvement. A professional inventory was made which serves as foundation for the evaluation of the identified problems. Furthermore, the team created a detailed plan together with the farmer community to enable a smooth process in the future.

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