Dez, 10 2015

Sustainable Building.

Project Description


Peru is situated in the west of South America. Like many other developing countries, it has to manage some difficulties: The country has to fight against a high environmental pollution, mostly in the amazon region. In the building sector, Peru uses brickworks with a high carbon dioxide emission rate. Locals deforest wide areas and the people use expensive and “dirty” energy. Additionally, there is little knowledge about sustainable building and the handling of nature.



That’s why our project includes several activities.

Within the topic “Building and living”, we will support the use of nature-friendly materials. This includes the production of roof constructions out of local materials to achieve an improved indoor climate. Sustainable produced stones out of adobe will replace expensive and often “dirty” produced bricks and concrete blocks. Also, bamboo plays an important role because of its fast-growing, easy-care and CO2 binding qualities. In its function as a building material, bamboo will not only be important in Peru, but also in the bordering country Colombia and in other developing and emerging countries. Both, bamboo and adobe are two good opportunities to enhance a more stable construction and to improve security in case of earthquakes.

In the energy sector, we will provide an increased use of renewable energies. Additionally, we will create opportunities for the natives to purify water of rivers, collect or use rainwater and clean their wastewater.

In this context, the Peru-project intends to implement a workshop in Iquitos, a city that is separated from civilization in the north of Peru. The city can only be reached per boat or airplane. The workshop will include the topics building materials, roof constructions, renewable energies and the handling of water or wastewater. Also, the workshop is geared towards the development of appropriate and sustainable buildings for the native people as well as the eco tourism in the region Loreto. To the local actors and the people in situ, the workshop will provide knowledge and skills. The government and local stakeholder shall be brought together.

Appart from the handling with ecofriendly building materials, the project contains a contribution to improved and sustainable building in nature sanctuaries.

The local organization ASSE (Agustinas Siervas del Señor) will be supported in building a center for abandoned children and elderly people („Santa Rita de Cascia Center“).

The purpose of the project is to:

  • protect the environment in Peru.
  • provide permanent and sustainable solutions in the sector of  building.
  • endorse a better living quality for the local people.
  • set up an Institute for innovative Adobe Building in Trujillo, a city in the west of Peru.


Project duration:

Since 2014