Dez, 10 2015

Strengthening Local Identities and Raising Cultural Awareness.

Project Description


Similar to other regions around the world, Central Kalimantan has been subject to the transformative power of globalization. The acceleration of this process as well as changing living conditions and models over the past 50 years have led to the situation that in many places people are no longer aware of the culture and living models of their ancestors. Strengthening the cultural capacities of the local Dayak population is a vital component of change. Raising awareness on sustainability is difficult if the issue is presented as an abstract theory. However, by stressing the connection between a sustainable lifestyle and traditional patterns of Dayak culture which allowed their ancestors to live in symbiosis with the forest, positive impacts can be achieved a lot easier.


The Project:

In cooperation with the Department for Tourism and Culture of the Regency Gunung Mas in Central Kalimantan and our local partner organization The Borneo Institute, Fairventures organizes an exhibition on local Dayak culture. Sources documenting the region’s historical and cultural legacy – which have been stored away safely in the missionary archives in Basel and other places – are brought back to their place of origin and presented in Central Kalimantan. This interactive exhibition is designed by Indonesian and German researchers, presented in the course of two celebrations in Central Kalimantan and lays the foundation for other cultural projects.


Project Activities:

  • Research, collection and preparation of historical documents and photographs from Central Kalimantan
  • Design and implementation of an exhibition
  • Capacity building in Cultural Activities Development