Jun, 01 2017

Moringa for All

Project Description

The Teso Region is situated in northeastern Uganda. The majority of people are still living a traditional way of substance farmers life. As a former conflict region, Teso is among the poorest regions in Uganda with a poverty rate of 66 % in Teso and 82 % in Karamoja. For decades, the rural population has been dependent on food distribution by the World Food Programme.

With the introduction and cultivation of the fast-growing and nutrient-rich Moringa tree, the project can be seen as an important contribution in the fight against poverty and hunger. Our local partner, TECOMA, trains the local population in the cultivation, harvesting and the use of the “miracle tree” Moringa. Moringa products such as powder, fresh and dry leaves for tea and the medical usages of others parts of the tree can make an important contribution to a more balanced diet and can be used as food reserves. In addition, Moringa seeds can reliably be used for water treatment.
Moringa products have the potential to be sold on the local and national market. Information campaigns financed through the generated profit can increase the local consumption of Moringa. The cultivation of Moringa has the potential to generate additional incomes for the families living around TECOMA’s Moringa gardens due to their work and input for the project.

TECOMA has reached the quality standards to sell Moringa powder on the international market, where there is a steadily rising demand for dietary supplements. One central project challenge is to identify individuals and companies who are willing to buy moringa powder in smaller quantities (up to 100kg) to a reasonable price. Thereby generated profits are meant to support sensitization campaigns and the distribution of moringa cultivation in the Teso.

Project Duration:

2014 – 2016


Project Partner:

TECOMA, Uganda


Funded by:

Louis Leitz Foundation (Stuttgart, Germany)