Dez, 10 2015

Livelihood Improvement through “Gum Arabic”.

Project Description

Uganda (Background):

Uganda – a landlocked country in the north of Lake Victoria – has a population of about 32 million and is considered a „Least Developed Country – LDC“ by the United Nations. On a country-wide average, 40 percent of the population live below the poverty-line of one US-Dollar and in the northern regions of Uganda it is even 70 Percent. The GDP per capita reached 450 US$ in 2011 and is therefore around a hundred times smaller than the Germann GDP (GDP per capita 2011 in Germany: 44.550 US$).

The problem of un- and underemployment remains one of the major challenges in Uganda, as the unemployment rate among young people is at around 80 Percent.



The project develops the “gum arabic” value chain in Karamoja (Uganda) in an economically and ecologically sustainable way. Young and unemployed Karamojong women are trained in planting and harvesting “gum arabic” so that they can earn an additional income. Furthermore, the regional “gum arabic” cooperative will be supported in building up additional capacities and in setting up fair and sustainable business relations to the national and international “gum arabic” market.

Fairventures Worldwide, supported by Louis Leitz Foundation, beforehand conducted a feasibility study of “Dryland Commodities and Livelihoods in Karamoja”, analyzing the value chains of the natural products “gum arabic” and “aloe” in the northeast of Uganda.


Project duration:

2013 – 2014


Financing of this Project:

Louis Leitz Foundation, Stay Foundation