Feb, 01 2016

Galati2020 – Fighting poverty through market development

Project Description


The county of Galati is located in the South East of Romania and borders with the Republic of Moldova. Galati belongs to one of the poorest regions of the European Union and faces the same problems as the rest of Romania, a lack of quality jobs and migration of qualified people. For decades, the traditional industries in Galati were shipbuilding and steel works. Both these industries have been in a state of decline since the late twentieth century and many employees have lost their jobs. This has had a negative impact on the economic situation and the inhabitants of this area. As a result of this lack of prospects and also because of the poor infrastructure and the missing connection to Romania’s strong capital a lot of highly qualified people have left Galati.


Galati2020 is an initiative of the Romanian Orthodox Metropoly of Germany, Central and Northern Europe, which we supervise strategically and substantially. Thereby, we want to create a more livable Galati that offers good prospects and enough good and sustainable jobs for the people. In order to achieve this we implement a two-tier strategy, on the one hand we conduct concrete activities that aim to create jobs and on the other we focus on changing the mentality of the people.

We will conduct activities in different business sectors, starting with a project in agriculture. Due to a bad reputation the agricultural consumption of the local population is mainly focusing on imported food. We want to change this and that is why our activities in agriculture are concerned with offering agricultural training, growing bio food in Galati and developing a marketing concept for the products. At the same time, we will use the different analyses from our workshop in Galati, compiled for the sectors tourism, logistics, energy efficiency in construction, and soon turn them into concrete project activities jointly with local working groups.

However, we realized that concentrating our efforts merely on market development of certain business sectors is not enough in Galati. Cross-cutting activities are needed to address issues such as corruption, lack of self-reliance and lacking cooperation. Therefore we are glad to closely collaborate with the Romanian Orthodox Archdiocese of the Lower Danube which is a driving force in the society, enjoys the confidence of the population and guarantees a sufficient outreach. In the course of our activities we will conduct trainings to further develop capacitities of priests and social workers of the church to improve the quality of their social work and of their life-counselling. Furthermore we are implementing lifelong learning projects with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports Baden-Württemberg and suitable partners from Germany and Europe. Two major project proposals are already submitted or will be submitted soon, one in the field of intergenerational learning, the other in advanced training counselling. A third project on children and family education is planned.

We would like to thank all supporters and volunteers, without whose assistance the project would not have been possible.


  • Improve the living conditions of the people in Galati
  • Creation of jobs (Emphasis is on jobs in sustainable business sectors)
  • Reduction of the labor migration of highly qualified employees and university graduates
  • Increase self-reliance of the people in Galati

Project Duration:

2014 – 2015

Here you can find the previous project phase.

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