Dez, 10 2015

Galati 2020 – Fighting poverty through market development (Workshop).

Project Description


The county of Galaţi is located in the South East of Romania and borders with the Republic of Moldova. Galaţi belongs to one of the poorest regions of the European Union and faces the same problem as the rest of Romania, the migration of highly qualified workforce due to lacking employment possibilities. Furthermore, 9.000 of the 540.000 people living in Galaţi County work for the ArcelorMittal steel factory. However, year after year their number is dramatically decreasing. This has a negative impact on the inhabitants, the economic situation of Galaţi and the future development of the area.



The core of the initiative is a broadly conceived event which is supposed to foster the dialogue of the private and public decision makers. For this reason the Romanian Orthodox Metropoly of Germany, Central and Northern Europe and Fairventures Worldwide are organizing an unbiased workshop (2nd and 3rd of June 2014). It´s goal is to bring together experts of the different sectors as well as representatives of the Romanian Orthodox Church and members of the public administration. The participants will discuss the different problems and jointly look for possible solutions. Afterwards those solutions can be used by private and public actors to take action independently. Furthermore, Fairventures Worldwide intends to develop future activities in the region by analyzing the workshop results and matching them with the relevant EU funds.



– Improve the living conditions of the people in Galati
– Creation of jobs (Emphasis is on jobs in sustainable business sectors)
– More autonomy for the population of Galati
– Reduction of the labor migration of highly qualified employees and university graduates


Project Duration:

March 2014 – August 2014


Funding of this Project: